Formula Student Germany 2018

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For the first year, AID is a proud sponsor of the Formula Student Germany 2018

6 AID judges challenged the students in the “Driverless” category

Since the first competition in 2006, the annual Formula Student Germany (FSG) held in Hockenheim has begun to change. In recent years we are starting to see the evolution of the competition with the appearance of the Electric category in 2010 and the Driverless category, created in 2017.

Last week from August 6th-12th FSG hosted 118 teams from all over the world, with 17 of them focusing on driverless cars. The competition has been heating up more than ever, and the students continue to push the limits further every year.
For the first time since AID’s creation, we joined FSG in Hockenheim as an annual sponsor. Our judges Christopher (Chief judge), Mareike (Maps & Localization), David (Driving Function), Florian (Hardware), Nirav and Roland (Machine Learning) evaluated the students’ technical concepts and their design philosophies.

Although it is a brand-new challenge, we are proud of all the hard work, passion, creativity and technical expertise the teams invested in the last year. It’s a real pleasure to see they are successfully finding solutions and getting the cars on the track! Thanks to all the efforts provided by the teams and congratulations to all, especially to the winners of FSD 2018:

// 1st – Zürich ETH

// 2nd – Karlsruhe KIT

// 3rd – Hamburg TU

We‘re all delighted to see so many talented individuals all in one place fostering technological advancement and innovation. We’ve found so many similarities between us as a young growing start-up and the FSG participants. Established last year, we are continuously building up our organization with diverse teams and a dynamic environment. We see ourselves in the students developing their teams with different functions to achieve their goals.

More importantly, all the participants reinforce the qualities valued by our company: passion and technical expertise. A big reason you will definitely see us as a sponsor once again!
Many thanks to all the participants for making such an exciting and memorable event. We’re looking forward to the next Formula Student Germany!