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About Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH?

"Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of AUDI AG. As a start-up, we’re developing solutions for fully autonomous driving in urban environments, that will realize the possibility of on-demand mobility services."

Why now?

"Firstly recent development in technologies such as neural networks, sensors, computing power, means we’re in a position to start tackling the challenges in this field, that simply wouldn’t have been possible 10 years ago. Secondly, Autonomous driving is a hot topic and one that will revolutionize how we move people and things around cities. We’re working to create the technology that will make this future a reality."


Our mission is to enable mobility providers and car OEMs to drive fully autonomously in urban environment and beyond.

Our mission?

"Our mission is to enable mobility providers and car OEMs to drive fully autonomously in urban environment and beyond. We live in a world where technology is transforming today’s society in so many ways, from the cities we live in to the modes of transport we use. Self-driving cars are at the forefront of future personal mobility and will have huge social impact. Imagine providing elderly people with mobility that brings them back into the community, safe independent transportation for young people. We can reduce traffic congestion and the time people spend in traffic jams, whilst making that time more productive. This is what we are working to change, this is why our work is so important."

Our culture?

"With our culture, we aim to combine several different subcultures to solve some really difficult problems. We need people from diverse backgrounds across automotive, robotics, scalable software development, machine learning to make this a reality."

What’s great about Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH?

"Working on amazing technology and technical challenges whilst making a real impact on society. We’re a well founded start-up with a customer first approach. But what is really great, is the opportunity to help shape and grow a really exciting culture and organization, all in the heart of Munich, one of the most attractive cities in Europe."

Skype/Microsoft, now Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH – Why? 

"After 12 years in Skype I decided it was time for a change. When I started at Skype, video calling was not available to consumers at scale. I had the opportunity to shape an entire industry and provide people with a new way to communicate and maintain relationships. Now at Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH I have the same opportunity, again to help shape something new and improve society for the better."


Inspiration is everywhere….

Biggest challenge in your job?

"My biggest challenge…. Bringing the different people and cultures together
whilst building up the team. But it’s always an exciting challenge."

Things you learned? 

"A lot. What homologation is, ISO 26262 and Misra C++,…"

What inspires you?

"Inspiration is everywhere…. But I think the ability to give people time back when traveling to work and the ability to reduce the amount of serious injuries and accidents on our roads."

Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH

At Autonomous Intelligent Driving our mission is to empower fully autonomous driving and mobility services in urban environments. As a wholly owned subsidiary of AUDI we are the ‘center of excellence’ for urban autonomous driving in the Volkswagen Group. At our headquarters in Munich, we’re developing the full software stack that will make driverless and autonomous driving possible, from AI and Machine Learning for perception and prediction, localization, trajectory planning through to the interface with sensors and vehicle hardware. To accomplish our mission we’re working with some of the brightest minds in the field of AI.